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Looking for the code to share Zong balance with your friends or family? Don’t worry, You have come to the right place.

Zong allows its users to easily share their mobile balance from one Zong number to another Zong number conveniently. The company has named her balance sharing service “Zong Yaari Load”. The core logic behind this service and its name is to stay connected with your loved ones all the time. There’s no need to worry if someone beloved to you has run out of Zong SIM credit because you can share balance right from your Zong SIM to their number at any time.

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What is Yaari Load?

Zong Yaari load is a balance sharing service. It has made lives much easier when it comes to someone close to your heart, be it your sister, brother, or friends, who are in need of mobile credit. The balance transfer service is two-way traffic, which means you can:

  • Transfer Balance – Send from your SIM to another
  • Request balance – Ask someone to send the balance to your SIM

In this guide, we will discuss how you can transfer Zong SIM balance to others and also how you can request SIM credit from others. n order to share Zong balance, you must have some balance. Want to check your remaining balance? here is how to.

We recommend you read the FAQ section below because it has answers to many questions that you might have in your mind.

zong balance share code
Zong Balance Sharing guide

How to Share balance from Zong to Zong

If you want to share your Zong balance with another person who also has the Zong SIM, please follow these steps:

  1. Dial *828# Zong balance share code from your phone:
  2. Enter the phone number of the recipient.
  3. Input the amount that you want to send.
  4. Now reply with “1” to confirm the balance transfer.

Dial *828# for Balance Transfer

How to Request Balance from Friend and Family

Zong also allows its customers to request balance in the state of emergency from their friends and family at any point in time. Simply follow these steps to get Zong balance from another Zong user:

  1. Dial *829# from your cell phone.
  2. Enter the phone number of the sender from whom you want to request the balance.
  3. Input the amount that you want to request.

Dial *829# for Balance Request

Zong Yaari Load Charges

When you send a balance to someone using the Zong balance sharing service, the company charges Rs.2+Tax on every successful transfer.

Rs.2+Tax will be charged after successful balance transfer

There are no charges on requesting balance from other Zong users. The charges only apply when the transfer is successfully done.

Validity of Zong Shared Balance

Balance Transferred AmountAdditional Validity (Incoming & Outgoing)
10 – 505 days or existing whichever is higher.
51 – 9930 days or existing whichever is higher.
100- 19960 days or the existing whichever is higher.

Transferable and Non-transferable Zong Balances

Transferable BalanceNon Transferable Balance
Scratch Card rechargeBuilt-in or Handset balance
miniLoadAuto Load/Loan
e-Pin / e-TopupPromotion amount, reimbursed balance, or redeemed balance.
Already Shared balanceOnline Recharge


What is Yaari Load?

Yaari load is a balance sharing service for Zong customers. Using this service, you can:
Transfer Balance – Send from your SIM to another
Request balance – Ask someone to send the balance to your SIM

Is there any eligibility criteria to qualify for balance sharing?

All users are eligible for this service if they have recharged an amount of Rs.50 or more in the past 30 days.

Is the Yaari load service available to postpaid customers?

No, the Zong balance share service is not available to postpaid connection holders. Therefore, both the sender and receiver must be using a prepaid SIM of Zong.

Does the service require any subscription?

No, the Yaari Load service does not require the user to subscribe. You can use the service as and when required.

Can we share the balance from Zong to Ufone, Telenor, Jazz/Warid, or any other operator SIM?

No, you cannot. The service works for ZONG to ZONG transfers only.

Are there any charges for requesting balance?

No, there are no charges for requesting a balance from another Zong user. However, the company deducts the charges when the transfer is successful.

Does the load transfer service work all over Pakistan?

Customers all over Pakistan are eligible for Yaari Load, except for FATA and PATA customers.

Is there any limit to the transferable amount?

The minimum transferable amount is Rs.10 and the maximum amount that you can share using Yaari Load is Rs.200.

How many times can I send the balance through Yaari Load?

Zong Prepaid customers can make 5 balance share transactions per day.

Is there any minimum balance limit that I need to maintain for Yaari Load?

The remaining balance must be at least Rs.5 after the Yaari Load otherwise you won’t be able to make the transfer. For example, if you have Rs.13 balance in your SIM card and you want to transfer Rs.10. You won’t be able to do it because the remaining balance will be Rs.3 which is less than Rs.5.

Zong balance share karne ka tarika?

Please read the instructions provided above.

This balance sharing service from Zong is subject to the company’s Terms & Conditions.

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